Faculty Leds University Programs

The variety of programs that an American university student can take through Educatrip and the University of Granada is quite wide, but here we want to talk about the so-called Faculty Leds.

They are programs for groups of students who are accompanied by their professor:

Short duration programs, 2 / 3 weeks, with the possibility of acquiring credits

The university professor tutor will be able to give a class or seminar for his or her North American students during their stay at the University of Granada.

The program is accompanied by a variety of cultural visits, specialized workshops, leisure and sports activities.

Both the students and the accompanying teacher can be accommodated in host families, the most common modality, or in a university residence.

 Educatrip is in charge of all the management of the program from the arrival of the students, the development of the academic program, the offer of activities and cultural visits, the accommodation of the participants. All under the supervision of a team of people directed by a coordinator on site.

The university professor and his students have the opportunity to develop subjects related to their studies at their home university and, at the same time, adapt part of that class or seminar at the destination to the local environment in which the program takes place.

Educatrip and the University of Granada partner to assist you in this type of highly successful program among North American universities.

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