Linguistic trips to Salamanca: University, Ávila and Francia Mountains

From 3 Nights / 4 Days

What does it include?

This is a historic place and probably the most beautiful and visited city in the country.

A tour of Salamanca is one of the greatest pleasures a traveler can experience. The Plaza Mayor and all the religious and secular buildings are worth a visit.

It is also a city of youth, students and the heart of the Spanish language.

All reasons to plan your trip to Salamanca!

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Salamanca, your return trip

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We organize customized programs for any number of participants and teachers.

These prices vary depending on activities and type of accommodation chosen.

Included in the price:

  • Standard program with limited amount of activities.
  • Program for 40 students and 3 teachers.
  • Prices per student.
  • Trip and itinerary planning.
  • Check-in at destination city or cities by Educatrip staff.
  • Reservation and entrance to different monuments, activities, etc.
  • Homestay with full board and lodging during the entire stay in all destination cities (except Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela).
  • Guided tours depending on the program.
  • Accompanying teachers are free-of-charge.
  • 24 hours assistance and supervision throughout the stay.

Not included in the price:

  • Contacting air or ground transportation to Spain for information.
  • Transportation to destination.
  • Full room & board accommodation at youth hostels or hotels.
  • Repatriation insurance (can be purchased separately).
  • Health insurance (can be purchased separately).
  • All charges associated with bank transfers. The corresponding commission will be paid by the group.

Main programme activities in Salamanca: University, Ávila and Francia Mountains

Activities we highlight

Casa De Las Conchas

The Casa de las Conchas is built in Gothic style. Its construction began at the end of the 15th century, although it also has Renaissance and Mudejar elements. It is an example of the so-called Isabelline art. Today it houses the Salamanca public library and an information office.

Archbishop Fonseca College

Built in 1538 by Don Alfonso de Fonseca y Acebedo, Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela and Toledo. The architect in charge of the project was Diego de Siloé. It is built around a courtyard, which is accessed through a hall with an ogive vault decorated with star motifs. One of the particular highlights in its chapel is the altarpiece formed by paintings and sculptures by Alonso Berruguete. It is currently a university residence.

Trip To Avila

Its medieval old town, in excellent condition, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985.

Trekking in the Francia Mountains

A trekking route along with outdoor activities designed for those who love sport and who want to enjoy the sort of natural surroundings found in the Francia Mountains. A specialist company in the sector with guides trained to help school and university students to enjoy sports.

Spanish Course

The school has a modern space with different classrooms suitable for school groups.

Casa Lis (Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum)

Located in Casa Lis, the city's earliest modernist building (1905), the museum houses 19 series of decorative arts (dolls, glass, chryselephantine statuettes, bronze objects, jewelry) from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Unamuno House-Museum

Built in the 18th century, this baroque house was home to the famous writer and philosopher, who was also Dean of the University of Salamanca for 14 years. Inside you can see furniture, personal items, mementos, books and family objects related to Unamuno, as well as his private library.

New Cathedral

The New Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, together with the Old Cathedral, is one of the two cathedrals in the city of Salamanca in Spain. It is the seat of the Diocese of Salamanca. It was built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, mainly in two styles: late Gothic and Baroque.

Old Cathedral

Founded by Bishop Jerome of Perigord, its construction began in the first third of the twelfth century and was completed in the late fourteenth century in Romanesque and Gothic styles.

La Clerecía

La Clerecía is the name given to the former Royal College of the Holy Spirit of the Society of Jesus. It was built in Baroque style between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

St. Stephen's Convent (Convento De San Esteban)

National monument that includes the Cloister of the Kings, the Old Chapter, the New Chapter, the Sacristy, the Church, the High Choir, the Soto Stairs and the Museum.

Cooking Classes

Groups cook different Spanish dishes and then enjoy a tasting session.

Flamenco Show and Workshop

Show performed in a typical setting. The show lasts about an hour. We also organize workshops for gaining practical knowledge of this typical dance.

Calisto And Melibea Garden (La Celestina)

Visit this beautiful garden with a romantic tradition in the historic center of Salamanca.

Museum of Salamanca

This museum contains a collection of works organized into three sections: archeology, art and ethnology.

Salamanca bullfighting museum

This museum contains a collection of works organized into three sections: archeology, art and ethnology.

Trip to Segovia

This World Heritage Site is home to the famous aqueduct, the Alcazar and a rich historical center.

Pottery Workshop

Our groups of international students can enjoy a pottery workshop, a traditional activity in Alba de Tormes, in Salamanca.

University Of Salamanca

The oldest university in Spain that still exists today, and one of the oldest that are currently operating in Europe.

Visit To A High School

We organize visits to a high school so that our foreign students can share their experiences with Spanish students and learn about the Spanish education system.

Plaza Mayor

Guided tour of a bull and horse ranch in a traditional Castilian area. We also organize workshops, such as one for chess.

Visit To A Factory, Company, Etc.

We organize trips to institutions, factories, companies or other places of relevance to groups, to help them with their education and knowledge of these places in Spain.

Visita a Una Fábrica o Empresa

Organizamos visitas a instituciones, fábricas, empresas u otros lugares relevantes para los grupos en cuanto a su formación y conocimiento de estos lugares en España.

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