Linguistic trips to Valencia: History, Culture and Spanish

From 3 Nights / 4 Days

What does it include?

One of Spain’s most important cities.

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is found this very lively and fun city with many tourist attractions.

A very accessible and well connected city. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for our student groups.

Great food, excellent surroundings and very welcoming families make Valencia one of our favorite destinations.

You can enjoy visits to monuments such as the Cathedral, the Miguelete, the Central Market and the Llotja de la Seda, as well as the Rice Route, the Orange Route and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Trips to Peniscola or Alicante.

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We organize customized programs for any number of participants and teachers.

These prices vary depending on activities and type of accommodation chosen.

Included in the price:

  • Standard program with limited amount of activities.
  • Program for 40 students and 3 teachers.
  • Prices per student.
  • Trip and itinerary planning.
  • Check-in at destination city or cities by Educatrip staff.
  • Reservation and entrance to different monuments, activities, etc.
  • Homestay with full board and lodging during the entire stay in all destination cities (except Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela).
  • Guided tours depending on the program.
  • Accompanying teachers are free-of-charge.
  • 24 hours assistance and supervision throughout the stay.

Not included in the price:

  • Contacting air or ground transportation to Spain for information.
  • Transportation to destination.
  • Full room & board accommodation at youth hostels or hotels.
  • Repatriation insurance (can be purchased separately).
  • Health insurance (can be purchased separately).
  • All charges associated with bank transfers. The corresponding commission will be paid by the group.

Main programme activities in Valencia: History, Culture and Spanish

Activities we highlight


It was consecrated in 1238 by the first Bishop of Valencia, Fray Andres de Albalat, after the Reconquista. It's built over the old Balansiya mosque, which was in turn built over an ancient Visigothic cathedral.


The museum takes a look at the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century, from Abstract and Pop Art to European Informalism and the New Figurative Movement.

Lonja de la Seda

Located in the historic center of the city, this is a masterpiece of Valencian Gothic civil architecture. It is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Spanish Course

The school has a modern space with different classrooms suitable for school groups.

Baños Del Almirante (Admiral's Baths)

Mudejar style building in the center of Valencia, where students can enjoy an Arab bath.

Craft Center

Guided tours and handicraft workshops.

City of Arts And Sciences

A building of great architectural and cultural interest. It was opened in 1998 with the inauguration of El Hemisferico, the last component of the City of Arts and Sciences of Agora, located on the bridge between l'Assut de l'Or and l'Oceanografic.

Cooking Classes

Groups cook different Spanish dishes and then enjoy a tasting session.

Valencia Parliament or Corts Valencianes

Tour with a historical explanation of the Palau dels Borja and Benicarló, with a video about the Parliament and a visit to the Chamber with an explanation of how the Parliament works.

Flamenco Show

The show is performed in a typical setting and lasts about one hour.

Trip to Peñiscola

In this city there are numerous archaeological remains from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Moors and Christians.

Botanical Garden of Valencia

Tour of the garden with the possibility of participating in a workshop.

The Magic World of Craftsmanship and Fallero Artist for a Day

Tours and workshops at the Generalitat Craft Center.

Central Market

A modernist building whose construction began in 1914.


The bell tower of Valencia Cathedral is often known as the Torre del Miguelete. Construction of the tower began in 1381 and it was completed in 1429.


Beach activities such as kayaking, beach volleyball and other sports.

Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia

Groups of students and their teachers can visit this flagship of Valencia's museums.

Horchata Museum

Museum where groups can learn about the cultivation and preparation of the horchata drink. Here you can also taste "fartons", a typical pastry of the region.

Valencia Rice Museum

Guided tour to learn about the traditional cultivation of rice in its own environment.

Fallas Museum

Dedicated to the art of the Fallas, typical statues created for Valencia's main festivity.

Bullfighting Museum

Founded in 1929, it houses memorabilia and bullfighting artifacts from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It was created to promote and research the world of bullfighting.


The Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernism, also known as MUVIM, is a temporary exhibition center and museum in the city.

Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana

Guided tour of a building that is the highest-level representation of Valencia's institutions.

National Park of Albufera

Groups can enjoy a boat tour of the largest national park in the province of Valencia.

Boat Trip

We organize traditional boat trips along the coast.

Port of Valencia

This tour includes an explanation followed by a boat ride.

Orange Route

Drive through the northern part of the province and visit the orange plantations.

Nougat Route - Cabanes

This tour in Cabanes, Castellon, introduces students to the culture of traditional nougat making.

Craft Workshops

Our students can experience a ceramics or pottery workshop in Paterna, Valencia.

Mestalla Tour (Valencia Football Club Stadium)

Guided tour around the stadium of Valencia FC.

Tour of a Factory, Company, etc.

We organize trips to institutions, factories, companies or other relevant places for groups, in relation to their education and knowledge of these places in Spain.

Visit a High School

We organize visits to a high school so that our foreign students can share their experiences with Spanish students and learn about the Spanish education system.

Combination of cities for your trip