In this post, we bring you a list of the most demanded activities among the schools and groups that visit us in Spain.

Spain is the perfect country to learn a new language and culture. But most of all, many educational trips and students around the world are looking to live new experiences, to have fun and make their school trip an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know why these five activities have triumphed among our students and teachers, do not miss the following ranking that we have prepared for you.

5. Taracea workshops

We start our top 5 with this original and at the same time, traditional activity. We are talking about Taracea crafting in Granada. This ornamental technique is based on setting on tiny wooden surfaces pieces of different materials such as bone, ivory, tortoiseshell, wood…

Even today, Taracea is considered a job that is carried out by artisans in a traditional way. Unlike other activities, it is only available for groups that visit us in Andalucia. This is one of the teacher’s opinions about these fantastic workshops:


“It is a great activity that mixes history and art, perfect for those students who want to explore the tradition of the city of Granada”

4. Kayak and bike tours in the city

In the fourth position, the favorite activity for our groups in the different Spanish cities has been the Urban tours by kayak or bicycle.

If you love doing sports and outdoor activities, this is your choice! It’s an original way to discover the city far beyond. Besides, these are very low-risk activities and quite fun to do in groups.

Our students and teachers have valued these tours positively because of their health benefits and low environmental impact. Many cities in Spain offer these possibilities, such as Seville, Bilbao, Santander, Madrid… the perfect way to discover their parks, rivers, or even the sea.

3. Initiation to Padel

Approaching the top of our podium, the Padel classes to groups of initiation are an original way of doing sport and spending fun time with friends. Padel is becoming quite trendy in Spain nowadays. This game mixes fun, sports and social interaction all the same. It is quite easy to learn it and play it and no strength nor a great technique is needed. Therefore, it is perfect for people of all ages!

Our teachers and students have valued this activity very positively. In addition to learning about Spanish culture or our language during their educational trips, students will be able to incorporate other values, such as teamwork and healthy living habits.

2. Street Art Tours

Before entering the first position, we bring the Street Art tours in second place. Urban Art or Street Art is not only graffiti. It is an artistic expression that blends with the architecture and streets of the city. Thus, young students can learn about art at the same time that they explore different urban places that are not normally included in classic tourist tours.

Many of our groups appreciated the cosmopolitan and innovative approach to this activity. As one of our teachers once said “art is not only within museums”.

1. Dramatized tours

At last, we reach number 1 of our ranking of the most demanded activities for educational trips… and the winner is The dramatized tours around the city. We are sure that you already know many Spanish cities quite well, but… do you know the history of their most picturesque people and their legends?

Many of the schools that visit us have chosen these special tours as a new way of approaching the hidden stories of the cities such as Seville, Granada, Zaragoza, etc. enjoying the performance of actors who play famous historical characters.

We have several destinations throughout Spain which offer these dramatized guided tours that will help you to learn more about our history.

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