Study Spanish in Granada


The south of Spain, Andalusia, offers an unforgettable experience thanks to the hospitality and happiness of its people as well as its folkloric traditions and flamenco culture.

Granada is a city whose history stretches back many centuries, and both Arabic and Catholic influences can be seen on its streets, monuments and traditions. Its biggest symbol is the Alhambra, which is one of the most-visited monuments of the world.  

It is a university capital with more than 70,000 students at any given time. There is a young atmosphere, lots of entertainment activities and a great nightlife.

Granada offers an amazing gastronomic culture and the social life here revolves around food. You will be able to enjoy tapas in the lively company of the locals, called granadinos.

Mountains and beaches: Granada is about 45 minutes from the beaches of the Tropical Coast and 30 minutes from the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, with an elevation of more than 3000 meters.

Classes are held in the Center of Modern Languages (CLM) of the University of Granada, accredited by the Cervantes Institute. It is located in a traditional neighborhood in the city center. The CLM offers audiovisual resources, sports, cultural activities, and a library.

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